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A pool heater is a great investment that will let you get the most out of your pool every season.

We all have a lot on our plate in today's busy world and when we get time to relax in our pool, we really want to make the most of it. Unfortunately, bad weather sometimes gets in the way of that. Got a day off, but it's cloudy and cold outside? Well, you probably won't be spending any time in your pool then... unless you've got a pool heater! Until we develop the technology to control the weather and make it always sunny on weekends, a pool heater is the next best thing available.

With a heater you don't care if it's a bit chilly or rainy - the water in your pool will always be warm when you want it. Enjoy the pool on your terms, not at the mercy of the weather!

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Pre-pay any of our maintenance packages or book a pool closing service before the end of the season and receive 5% to 10% off the regular price. 

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