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Liner Replacement

Our Vinyl Pool Liners are made of superior quality vinyl and come in a variety of patterns, so you can find a perfect match for your pool's aesthetic.  All of our liners are made with bleach-resistant inks and UV inhibitors to ensure that they last in your pool without getting damaged or bleaching from the bright summer sun. Pool Boys' vinyl liners are custom-made to fit a pool of any shape or size and are backed by a 20 to 25 year manufacturer's warranty.

So whether your old liner is beginning to fade or you just decided that it's time to redecorate your pool, we have dozens of high-quality liners to choose from!

Liner Replacement Process

The Procedure of Liner Replacement

Measuring your pool

To replace a liner you first need to measure your pool. Accurate measurements are extremely important when ordering a replacement liner, because if the liner is too small or too large for your pool, it won't fit properly and will not cling to your walls as it's supposed to. So unless you have your pool manufacturer's original documentation stating the exact dimensions, it's best to let experts size up your pool.

Removing the old liner

While the new liner is being manufactured, your pool is fully drained and your old liner is removed or disposed of. After we remove your old liner, we will inspect the concrete floor and walls of your pool for damage. It's common for the concrete base to require minor repairs and we will patch those up for free.

If we spot any major damage (or potential for major damage) to your pool's foundation and major repairs are required, it's critical that they are performed before we install the new liner.

Installing the new vinyl liner

Once your pool is inspected and verified to be in suitable condition and any damages are repaired, we will install the new liner along with new gaskets and faceplates for all fittings, including your main drain, skimmers, return and vacuum line and then fill your pool with water.

Congratulations, you are now ready to enjoy your brand new pool!

Newly Installed Liner

Pre-pay and Save

Pre-pay any of our maintenance packages or book a pool closing service before the end of the season and receive 5% to 10% off the regular price. 

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