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Pool Removal (Demolition)

Don't need your pool anymore, or thinking of repurposing your backyard? Perhaps you purchased a house with a pool that you don't want? No idea how to proceed? Don't worry - we can answer all your questions!

You can start by contacting us for a FREE QUOTE on your pool removal. Give us a call at (647)462-9292, email sales@poolboys.ca, or fill out your contact information in the form on the right to schedule a meeting with one of our experts, who will examine your pool and yard and provide you with a quote for filling the pool. Our team will take the dimensions of your pool and  check the surrounding area for ease of access, obstructions, landscape features, etc. The quote will usually be ready same or next business day.  

Please note that we work to comply with all local environmental regulations and are fully covered by liability insurance and WSIB.

Dirty Backyard Pool


The Pool Filling Process

Preparation - our team will prepare the site for pool demolition. We will drain the pool if there is water in it and remove any obstructions that impede access to the pool area. For liner pools, we will remove and dispose of the liner. Pool deck accessories, such as ladders, diving boards or slides will be disposed of (or moved to your storage facility if you choose). Please note that these must be disposed of properly in accordance to local regulations and in some areas may not fall under the classification of "household waste"

Demolition - the exact method of demolition depends on your type of pool: concrete, liner, etc. We will dril drainage holes in the bottom of the concrete base and remove sides of the pool 3 ft. below grade level.

Filling - we will deliver soil to your location by truck and our team will fill your pool and level the ground. Your yard will be graded (leveled) as agreed-upon in the contract, so be sure to let us know of any details when we are initially calculating your quote! For filling we only use quality, clean soil. All of our soil is sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure that your yard does not become contaminated with chemicals or parasites. The soil is enriched to support the growth of grass and re-greening of your backyard. If needed, we will add sand to ensure proper drainage.

Concrete, bricks or wood scraps can also be placed in the pool as clean fill and for improving drainage, however we cannot put anything that is not environmentally friendly in the pool, such as liners, pool deck accessories, or any other garbage!

Clean-Up - Our team will spread with soil to cover tracks from any equipment used during the demolition process. If any fence was removed, it will be reinstalled, etc. Optionally, we can cover the pool with rolls of turf.

Pre-pay and Save

Pre-pay any of our maintenance packages or book a pool closing service before the end of the season and receive 5% to 10% off the regular price. 

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